Our Mission

Grow up grow out is a organization dedicated to ensuring that young people gain the skills and support they need to become participating productive community members. Grow up grow out works with individuals and groups of young people that have been through the criminal justice system, and/or are at risk. Young people who have been members of street organizations draw upon the need for community that can be channeled toward productive self and group redefinition. Young people are given the community building and negotiation skills to complement the discipline and commitment they have developed.

Grow up Grow out is based on the principle that young people need to be heard . Their past choices must be understood and not devalued. Young people learn to identify their needs and learn how to realize their needs and their aspirations within a non violent pro social framework . Helping youth gain the capacity for critical self reflection and developing decision making and conflict resolution skills leads to Greater self efficacy and stronger communities.

The organization provides the opportunity for dialog with Communities, employers, and the criminal justice system so that they can effectively engage young people. 


"No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave."

— Calvin Coolidge